Digital Visiting Card | NFC Card

  • Single Click To Call:

    • Enable users to initiate phone calls with just one click, promoting quick and direct communication for efficient customer interaction.
  • Single Click To WhatsApp (

    • Seamlessly connect with the platform’s WhatsApp channel in a single click, facilitating instant messaging and real-time engagement with users.
  • Single Click To Email:

    • Streamline communication by allowing users to compose and send emails with a single click, enhancing convenience and reducing steps in the process.
  • Single Click To Location:

    • Provide users with instant access to the location or address details, ensuring swift navigation and easy reach to physical places associated with the platform.
  • Single Click Social Media:

    • Enhance user engagement by offering single-click links to the platform’s social media profiles, allowing users to connect and stay updated with the latest content.

Digital Visiting Card | NFC Card

  • Without Save Send WhatsApp:

    • Simplify the WhatsApp experience by allowing users to send messages without the need to save contacts. This feature streamlines communication, particularly for one-time or casual interactions, making it more user-friendly.
  • Easy To Share With Anyone:

    • Implement a user-friendly sharing feature that enables users to easily distribute platform content, links, or information to their contacts. This facilitates word-of-mouth promotion and increases the platform’s visibility across different user networks.
  • Single Click Youtube Link:

    • Enhance multimedia access by providing a one-click option to open YouTube links associated with the platform. This feature enables users to seamlessly view video content without navigating away from the platform.
  • Edit Payment Details:

    • Empower users with the ability to manage their financial information effortlessly. The “Edit Payment Details” feature allows users to securely update and modify their payment information, ensuring a smooth and user-centric transaction process.
  • Product Photos Upload:

    • Enable businesses and users to showcase their products effectively by allowing the upload of multiple photos. This feature enhances product visibility and provides a comprehensive visual representation, influencing potential buyers positively.

Digital Visiting Card | NFC Card

  1. Ad 10 Image Gallery:

    • Create visually impactful advertisements by offering a gallery format for showcasing up to 10 images. This feature maximizes the visual appeal of promotional content, increasing engagement and effectiveness.
  2. 10 Product Photos & Service:

    • Provide a comprehensive showcase for businesses by allowing the display of 10 photos related to products and services. This feature enhances the user’s understanding and appreciation of offerings, contributing to informed decision-making.
  3. YouTube Video:

    • Integrate YouTube videos seamlessly into the platform. Users can share and view dynamic video content without leaving the site, providing an immersive and engaging experience.
  4. Offer 10 Image Upload:

    • Boost promotional efforts by enabling businesses to upload up to 10 images for special offers. This feature attracts attention and effectively communicates the value of promotions, encouraging user participation.
  5. Add Payment Details:

    • Ensure a secure and user-friendly transaction process by allowing users to add or update their payment information. This feature contributes to a seamless and reliable payment experience on the platform.